How we do


Our macarons are produced with selected ingredients, in order to ensure maximum quality of the final product. We use fruits with controlled origin and, in the fillings, we use Belgian chocolate from one of the most renowned brands worldwide, recognized for its supreme quality. 

Macaron is a sweet with its own structure, which provides those who eat it a unique experience. A triple sensation of crunchy, soft and creamy ... The thin outer film is slightly crunchy. She dresses in an enormous multiplicity of colors and ornaments and is the host of the little glutton, reacting with a slight crunch to the tightness between the teeth. The next layer is soft and delicately moist, in a kind of antechamber to the climax achieved with the filling. The creamy filling is the guardian of the flavor that differentiates each macaron. 


The macarons available in our online store are produced on the day of packaging, and this occurs on the day before or on the day of dispatch. Our packaging is produced in accordance with food safety standards and designed to ensure maximum product stability during transport. Golden line products, in addition to the personalized packaging with our brand, are wrapped by a cardboard sleeve whose inside contains information developed about the origin of each regional flavour.


 Our macarons are produced by hand in strict compliance with food hygiene and safety standards. Shelf life After production, macaroons should be consumed within a maximum of 4 to 5 days. When stored in the refrigerator, they can be safely consumed within 8 days. Although it retains all the characteristics that allow its safe consumption for a longer period, it is advisable to consume it in the shortest possible time so that you can benefit from a full experience in terms of texture.

Consumer information

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