We were born in 2016...

Paris flavored with ginjinha. It was the idea that inspired the creation of a macaron with the character of the Western region. 

The unique flavors of our territory surrounded by two meringue and almond shells. An explosion of color. A fusion of stories and traditions that resulted in a product full of charisma: Macaron d'Óbidos. We were the first company to put macaroni on the Portuguese market in an admittedly regional line, associated with a registered brand. We deeply believe in the potential of this extraordinary cookie with French roots, full of history and glamor. 

The West Region of Portugal, the territory in which we belong, is rich in products with great personality, with colors and flavors that we want to associate with macaron, keeping all its original characteristics: the handmade character and an untouchable quality. Production with high standards of demand, careful packaging and macarons that provide unique experiences. That is how our brand is defined. 

Macaron d'Óbidos is a registered trademark belonging to Ana Sofia Bernardo Santos Vilaça.

You can physically meet us at our production studio in Caldas da Rainha where you can pick up your orders in advance. 

In addition to our regional and traditional ranges, we adapt our products to your needs, always with the Macaron d'Óbidos quality guarantee.